Google is a sentence that has settled in people’s minds forever. If you can’t find the answer to something, then the only resolution that comes to your mind is to Google it. From being an informative source to the most used search engine, Google has established itself in the market pretty strongly. The technologists working there are seen from a different angle and own an esteemed place in social life. Google has become a brand name since its launch and the bird of Google is spreading its wings wider and wider with the progression of time. Google was launched as “Google Inc.

The website was officially launched in 1998 by two techno-geeks Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The name was not always Google as both geeks at their college time developed an algorithm based on the search platform and named it BlackRub in the year 1996 with the help of Scott Hassan and Alan Sternberg. The popularity and success of Google are not questionable as many of the readers have come across this page because of Google itself. Google has become a part and parcel of our lives and the questions related to it. Not only the searches but Google Inc. launched several different services like Google Maps, Google Photos, Google News, and many more on its shelf. People find it really helpful to use these products and progress.

Even this article was written on Google Docs which is another service of Google providing a workspace environment for the amateurs and professionals equally. In the products like Google Drive, Google Photos, etc the facility of cloud storage is there. One can easily use the facility and it proves a beneficial source of storage without spending money. But in recent times we have seen that this policy by Google has been changed and the concept of free is no more there. Neither Google Drive has the same facility of free cloud storage nor this is the case with Google Photos. Before rolling out a new storage policy Google has come up with some new updates in the products involved.

This article discusses these changes that have remarkably affected the regular users of the platforms. Google announced in November last year that the famous Google Photos app is no longer going to provide free storage services to its customers who are involved in high-quality uploads. The policy is set to roll on June 1, but as goodwill to its loyal customers, Google has launched a few new updates to help users free their space. It has already launched a tool to help Google free space for all its users before the roll-out. Google Photos is one of the best storage apps, which is because it helps all of its users keep high-quality photos and settings. So it has been released to back up all the pictures in your phone, which no one will be against standard 15GB storage now. Prior to the announcement of some new storage policy, Google has shared the new updates to be made in it, so that all the users can reach their storage limit well.

Google has added a new review tool so that all users can get rid of their unwanted or blurred photos completely. In this new tool, it will highlight all the photos and videos that will be blurred. So it basically targets those files that are liable to decrease the storage of customers and aims at freeing them. The option is provided in the managed storage section of the settings menu in the app. The setting also helps the users to get a time estimate about the saturation level i.e. it can be estimated that if the user kept on using the application based on the current settings and rate the storage will get exhausted in this much amount of time. Moreover, the previous feature that allowed pictures to be called “High-Quality photos” is no longer there and the update will rename the same shortly. Thus the company has basically shredded the load out of its shoulders by bringing the new features. The customers who are used to it will feel it a little awkward at the start but will surely adopt the same with time.

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